About me

Matthijs Hoek

When I was young I was fascinated with the camera that my mother used on our summer holidays. Seeing her shooting that perfect frame, developing the film and creating photo albums to tell stories of our holiday are still things I still remember to this day. As a child I used to watch those photo albums over and over. When I grew older and went on holidays with my friends I stepped in my mothers footsteps by taking a photo camera with me to shoot memories and creating stories of our adventures. Slowly but surely my passion for photography grew more and more until the point that nowadays I try to go out and shoot as much as I can.

Coming from a background of travel and street photography I developed a ‘documentary’ style of photography. Without taking too much attention upon me I want to capture images that aren’t staged. It doesn’t matter if it is street photography, event photography or portrait photography, capturing beautiful authentic shots and emotions at the right time, at the right moment is my passion and makes me keep focussed to make the best picture possible. Even in a controlled portrait shoot I’ll make sure the subjects are feeling comfortable to be able to capture those real emotions. With that documentary style of photography I’m able to move unnoticed and create stories portraying people being their most authentic selves.

Do you want me to capture your story? Please reach out to me. Together we can decide if we can build some amazing stories together.